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Why It’s Important to Hire a DUI Defense Attorney?

Whether you’ve been arrested for DUI in Alexandria or any other city, it’s important to find a DUI defense attorney who can help you get the best possible results. Depending on the charge, you could face a wide variety of penalties, including jail time and loss of your driving privileges. If you’re arrested for a DUI, it’s important to consult with an Alexandria DUI defense attorney to protect your rights.

A DUI is a crime if you are driving with a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) of.08 percent or higher. It is also considered a crime if you refuse to take a breath test. In addition, you can be charged with a DWAI, which is a DUI offense that carries similar penalties to a DUI. These penalties can include large fines and jail time, as well as mandatory drug and alcohol counseling.

Alexandria is a small city, but it has a big number of bars and restaurants. In addition, the city has a dense population, so there is often a high rate of substance abuse and dependency problems. Many people feel they have an obligation to answer questions from the police during a DUI stop. This could mean important details are lost over time, and it’s important to have an Alexandria criminal defense attorney who understands how to argue against the police’s actions.

Alexandria DUI defense attorneys can defend you in court and present a compelling case to the jury. They can help you determine whether to plead out, or if you should go to trial. They can also negotiate a plea deal, which could result in reduced charges or minimal penalties. They can also petition to have charges dropped if there is insufficient evidence to support the charges.

Alexandria DUI lawyers can fight for your rights by determining whether the arresting officer followed proper procedures, and if any evidence was illegally obtained. Alexandria DUI attorneys also have in-depth knowledge of the local DUI laws, as well as the science behind DUI charges. They can also evaluate the arresting officer’s observations to determine whether the officer’s actions were legal. They can also make sure that any illegal evidence is not used against you, and they can argue for an alternative theory of intoxication.

A DUI case requires detailed investigation, and an Alexandria DUI defense attorney can help you make strategic choices, such as determining whether a plea deal is best for you. In addition, a DUI lawyer can ensure that all laws are followed, and can challenge the police’s procedures, including the administration of the blood test.

An Alexandria DUI defense attorney is also a resource for determining whether you have a constitutional right to refuse to submit to any field sobriety test. Many people feel obligated to answer the officer’s questions, but they shouldn’t. If they do, they’ll be subject to a long prison sentence, high fines, and loss of their driving privileges.

An Alexandria DUI defense attorney can also protect your rights, even after an arrest. For example, if you were driving and stopped for a traffic violation, you should write down all of the details of the stop, including the name of the officer, your lane of travel, and the time. The details may be lost over time, but they’re important to remember. In addition, it’s important to understand that you have the right to remain silent, and to have a lawyer present during questioning.