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How to Choose a Good DUI Defense Attorney?

Hiring a DUI defense attorney is an excellent investment. A plea of guilty can carry a lengthy prison sentence and several thousand dollars in fines. The conviction itself will affect your life for years to come. Hiring an attorney can save you from these expenses, including insurance premiums, ignition interlock device costs, and other related bills. In addition, hiring an attorney is far better than being assigned to a public defender. But how do you decide on a DUI defense attorney?

An experienced DUI defense attorney will know all of your rights and options. If you have been charged with DUI in Chicago, a competent attorney will know how to best defend you. He will listen to your goals and strive to achieve them. You may have certain goals in mind, including retaining your driving privileges, avoiding hefty fines, and avoiding jail time. In the end, the attorney’s job is to protect your rights.

Hiring a DUI defense attorney is imperative for those facing a DUI charge in Chicago. While the consequences of a DUI conviction can be harsh, a qualified attorney can fight for you and help you get out of jail. The attorney must know all the ins and outs of DUI law in Chicago. They should have extensive experience defending DUI cases in Chicago. With the right representation, you can avoid facing jail time, a criminal record, and the loss of driving privileges.

In addition to jail time, DUI charges can also carry financial consequences. After a person is arrested, the expenses begin to pile up. The cost of bond fees, towing, and storage of a vehicle can soon add up. Further, the legal costs can increase significantly with each subsequent conviction. Using a qualified DUI attorney can help you avoid these financial hardships. They also know the criminal justice system in the area and can protect your rights and interests.

After a driver has been arrested for DUI, a judge will review the evidence presented by the prosecution and decide if they should put him in a jail program. A judge will consider both the evidence presented by the prosecution as well as the driver’s behavior. An apologising or combative driver is likely to be less appealing to the judge than a driver who is cooperative. If the judge feels that the driver has the potential to improve his or her life, a DUI defense attorney should work to reduce the jail time or rescind the Statutory Summary Suspension.

In Illinois, DUI laws are strict, and an arrest can result in an automatic driver’s license suspension. Drivers are usually given a court date as well as a Statutory Summary Suspension, which is a six-month suspension for a blood alcohol level of. In addition, if you refuse to take the blood alcohol test, you could lose your license for six to twelve months, depending on the level of alcohol. This suspension also affects drivers who have out-of-state licenses.