Family Law and Divorce

Divorce Lawyer: Hiring the Right One For Your Needs

Divorce Lawyer

A divorce lawyer practices civil law exclusively. This field is often saturated with life-changing decisions and emotions. Therefore, a divorce attorney has to delicately but justly deal with a wide array of family-related issues such as divorce, marital settlement, annulment, divorce, property settlement and alimony. Divorce lawyers also practice in criminal law and work with clients who have been accused of committing crimes like murder, rape, sexual assault, kidnapping, drug/alcohol abuse, fraud, etc.


Divorce lawyers offer a wide range of services. They provide consultation on the legalities of divorce, conduct background investigation on the potential spouse, negotiate with the former spouse regarding property settlement, assist with estate planning and finalizing financial matters. In cases where no legal representation is provided, divorce attorneys provide free consultation over the telephone. Most attorneys work independently although some work under the supervision of expert family lawyers. There are also non-attorney specialized firms providing divorce services.


It is advisable to get a divorce lawyer who is well-known and experienced. This is important because the outcome of a family law matter often depends on how the case is presented by the attorney. A good divorce lawyer should be able to effectively communicate with the spouse and show the strength of their union. Divorce lawyers should be committed to giving the client’s needs and best interest the prime consideration. This should ensure that the attorney presents the client’s case with the same dedication and effectiveness it deserves. If you are looking for one, check out John Buchmiller & Associates LLC website at
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Before hiring a divorce lawyer in St. Louis, the client should ask about their legal fees. This includes any deposit, filing fees, court charges and other costs involved in the legal proceedings. Clients should also inquire about other possible costs such as overtime or any other applicable fee. A good lawyer should be in a position to inform clients about their legal fees in detail. It is also advisable to find out whether the attorney charges for mileage or if they charge for travel time.


In most cases, the process of hiring a divorce lawyer will start with a comprehensive questionnaire that will need to be answered. The questionnaire will enable the client to obtain information about the various options available to them regarding the finalization of all proceedings and the terms of agreement reached with each party. This is also an excellent time to obtain financial information for the preparation of retirement or other future expenses. It is important to understand the difference between alimony and child custody. Before hiring a divorce lawyer, one must also request details on the amount of child support, visitation and child custody. Once the proper documentation is gathered, clients can make the decision regarding their family and move on with their lives.


It is also important to remember that attorneys do not offer guarantees. Therefore, it is imperative that individuals obtain a divorce lawyer that they are comfortable with. When interviewing attorneys, it is necessary to ask for references and testimonials from individuals that have worked with the specific attorney. It is also important to discuss the payment plan, timeline and preferred method of communication with the divorce lawyer. After a few weeks of communicating with the divorce lawyer and reviewing all paperwork and information regarding the divorce proceedings, clients should expect to have an amicable settlement regarding their divorce proceedings.